Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Production Range

Our products are in DIN, JIS and IFI/ANSI standards with DIN standards as the most common products. Material used of stainless steel A2 and A4. Below is our range of products :

Tapping screws (cross recessed, slotted, six-lobes or combi with form C or form F), e.g. DIN 7981, DIN 7982, DIN 7983, DIN 7971, DIN 7972, DIN 7973, DIN 7976 etc. Range of tapping screw: from diameter 2.2mm ~ 6.3mm, with length 6.5mm ~ 150mm.

Machine screws (cross recessed, slotted, six-lobes or combi) e.g. DIN 84, DIN 85, DIN 963, DIN 964, DIN 965, DIN 966, DIN 7985, DIN 603 Full Thread, etc. Range of machine screws: from diameter M2 ~ M8 with length from 4mm to 150mm.

Chipboards Screws with Flat /Countersunk, Pan, or Oval head with cross recessed or six-lobes. Either in single head or double head. For Chipboards screws, the screws are waxed with Gleitmo 615. Range of chipboard screws are from size 3.0 to 6.0 with length 12mm to 150mm.

Bolts, mostly in DIN 933 with marking BSC A2-70 or saw slotted from size M4 to M8 with length 8mm ~ 65mm.

Special screws according to customer’s drawing and specification or samples are also available.